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Social Event

The social event will be held in Gasthaus Auerhahn (Freistädter Straße 228, 4040 Linz) starting from 19:30. The plan is to first have dinner and then a drink and bowling in the same place.

Important note: Everybody pay what they consume on their own, the charges derived from the event are not covered by the organisation.

For the dinner we had to select a range of plates. We have choosen these 3 plates:

  • Wienerschnitzerl vom Schwein oder Huhn mit Petersilkartofferl und Preiselbreeren.
  • Rosa gebratenes Schweinefilet Medaillons an Gemüsebandnudeln und Senfsaucerl.
  • Gulasch mit hausgemachte Serviettenknödel.

Please if you have any kind of problem with the selected plates insert a comment during registration.


Keynote – From image analysis research to software for clinical, biomedical research and health environments, Mattes Julian

Since around half a century, algorithms have been developed for the computational analysis of medical images. They are conceived for the purpose of diagnostics, computer assisted intervention planning and therapy, visualization of anatomical structures, etc. Nowadays, medical imaging devices or microscopes are equipped with software packages for image analysis and visualization. In this talk, several general aspects of commercial and open source medical and bio-medical image computing software packages are presented. Furthermore, by means of different examples from our own experience the way from methodological research to practical application is illustrated.